Thursday, January 26, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

Awkward . . .
  • Repeating Week 2 of my 5k training this week because I only made it to the gym once last week! Oops..
  • Went to Michael's to buy a new loom yesterday after the gym only to remember I left my purse at home (this is more sad for me than awkward! At least I didn't realize it at the register!).
  • I turned 28 last week and yet my skin still likes to break out with acne. Not. Fair.
  • The fact that I started rereading Tuesdays With Morrie 3 weeks ago and forgot to finish it! I seriously love to read, so I don't know why I haven't finished such a great book! It really is awkward! I need to finish so I can start The Hunger Games!
  • Having to make sales calls at work. I hate making sales calls. Ugggghhhhh.
Awesome . . .
  • Pistachio Frozen Yogurt @ Yogurtland. I would like a dispenser in my house, thanks!
  • Tim Tebow speaking at my dad's church in March! I want to go but I don't want to drive 4 hours for it!
  • Tomorrow is Friday and Jenna is coming to visit!! YAY!! I've been waiting for this weekend since before Christmas! :)
  • I have been drinking my 8 glasses of water each day thanks to my nifty Hello Kitty water dispenser that holds 64oz! Very proud, despite the constant trips to the bathroom!
  • I just started watching Mad Men and I am loving it! Jon Hamm, you are gorgeous & charming!


  1. Oh I LOVE pistachio frozen yogurt... YUM! Thanks for your sweet sweet comment on our baby news last week. You are so nice!!! :)

  2. i have "adult acne" and it's probably worse than yours! hahaha...

    ...maybe that means we're younger at heart ;)


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