Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What's On Your Tree?

The year I was born my mom bought two dated "Baby's First Christmas" bulbs: one for herself and one for me. She did that for all 5 of her kids and I have always thought it was an awesome tradition! Now that I'm an adult she let me pick one of mine for my personal collection. This has made Christmas ornaments extremely sentimental to me and I have started collecting at least one ornament each year commemorating something extraordinary that happened. Today I want to share some of my favorite ornaments with you.

1. It's hard to see it through the branches, but there's a Christmas Nail hanging from that red ribbon. This nail is supposed to hang quietly in the back of your tree as a solemn reminder of why Baby Jesus was born and the sacrifice that He made for us. Through the hustle and bustle of Christmas, that nail quiets me down and helps me focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

2. I used to teach religious education to grade school children with my mom. One year a child gifted us with this really neat nativity ornament collection. It's pretty hard to get all of the pieces staged on the tree, but it's worth the struggle and nice to have a nativity scene on my tree!

3. A close up of the Holy Family in the Nativity ornament.

4. The frog ornament was in my Easter basket in 2010. My mom said it was a symbol that you had to "kiss enough frogs in order to meet your prince!" She told me this was my year and 4 months later I met Tyler! :) The Precious Moments Ornament is a 2010 "Our First Christmas Together" ornament that Tyler bought me. It was exactly the one I wanted!

5. You may recognize this from my tutorial on how to make it. This ornament commemorates my best friend Jenna's wedding that I was in this year. I love having a picture from Jenna & Garrett's wedding on my tree marking 2011 as their special year!

6. Similarly I have an ornament commemorating Tyler's best friend Andy's wedding this year. His wife Brittany has become a very close friend to me so it makes this ornament even more special to me.

7. My niece & nephew are the only 2 babies I've had in my life since I started collecting ornaments that are special enough to make it on my tree. Here is Berkeley's "Baby's First Christmas Ornament" that I bought the year she was born.

8. This New Home ornament is kind of a joke; I moved back to Orange County in 2008 after a year of living in Fresno with family. I moved in with 2 roommates I didn't know and it was the most stereotypical roommate story you could imagine! Terrible! So I bought this ornament to make light of the situation; my "New Home" was not this pretty & homey! ;)

9. This ornament commemorates my graduation which was very important to me! I was the first person in my family to graduate college, whoop!

As much as I've always wanted a perfect uniform Christmas tree, I would rather glance at mine and remember amazing things that happened over the years of my life! Maybe one day I'll have the energy and house size to just make two trees. Ahhhh, perfection! ;)

What's on your Christmas tree??


  1. I can't wait to have my own tree to decorate!

    We’ve moved! I hope you’ll come visit our new home :)



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