Thursday, December 8, 2011

Photo Bulb Tutorial Trial & Error

Welcome to Day 5 of the Creating Christmas link up!

One of my favorite Christmas traditions that I have is to buy at least 1 dated ornament each year commemorating a special event that took place during that year. If a baby in the family is born, I buy a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament. If I moved, I get a "New Home" ornament. This year the most important events were that my best friend Jenna and Tyler's best friend Andy both got married (not to each Unfortunately they don't make "Yay! Your Best Friend Got Married 2011" ornaments so I've been pondering what to do for a few months.

Enter: The House of Smiths, one of my favorite DIY blogs! Actually, I discovered HoS because I pinned this craft intending to make Christmas gifts, but it dawned on me that these ornaments would be perfect for commemorating both friends weddings!

First I want to say that Shelley at House of Smith's is one of my craft idols! Everything she does is perfect. I'm sure there's behind the scenes trial and error involved, but based on her blog she has a gift for making everything look beautiful and making anything DIY look store bought!

Now, I'm sure if you've been reading my tutorials this week you know I'm not a perfectionist (although I wish I was!). In fact, for today's Christmas craft I could have a done a way better job and may re-do these; But for the sake of having a Creating Christmas tutorial on my blog today to keep up with the week's theme, I did this craft at my desk at work and did not have my arson of supplies and such, including my camera! This is bare bones crafting, people! Enjoy!

You Will Need . . .

I resized my photos down and added each respective couple's wedding date using Picnik.
The colors I used for the scrapbook paper & ribbon are each couple's wedding colors.
The bulbs I used are those flattened ones (see below) but you can use regular round ones.

Carefully cut out your pictures and mount them onto the scrapbook paper.
Here are two of my mistakes: 1) I didn't have photo paper with me! These were printed on cardstock. And 2) I didn't have my photo glue dots with me; that would have made the pictures stand out better.

The next step is to actually get the pictures & berries into the bulbs. This is where I discovered that my pictures were pretty much too big. Lacking time and resources, I just went with it! I decided to try two separate techniques with the two bulbs.

For the teal bulb (Andy's wedding), I curled the picture inward (had to curl it to fit it inside the bulb); I inserted the picture in first before the berries. I used tweezers to position the picture how I wanted and dropped a few berries in. It was nearly impossible to position anything once it was inside or even add more berries behind the picture! I think it had a lot to do with my picture being too large and even the flatness of the bulbs. I fussed around for a bit and finally got it to look cute!

For the green bulb (Jenna's wedding), I decided to drop the berries in first to make the bulb look more full. I also decided to curl the picture outward when fitting it inside the bulb so that when I uncurled it the picture would uncurl against the bulb. Both were mistakes! The berries already in the bulb made it impossible to fit the picture in. Because the bulb is plastic and narrow, shaking the berries around didn't move them too much. As for the picture, it looked terrible the way it was uncurling! I decided to rip it out (which was hard even though I salvaged the picture!) and remount the picture to fresh scrapbook paper, inserting it back in using the same process as with the teal bulb.

I positioned them both as best I could inside the bulbs and topped them off with ribbon that coordinated with their wedding colors. Overall I think they came out cute, although I acknowledge it's not my best work. Since they're for my own personal use I feel like they get the job done of honoring Jenna & Garrett and Andy & Brittany on each of their wedding days, two of the most special days of 2011!!

Here is each bulb hanging from my hot pink Christmas tree in my office.
I can't wait to take them home tonight and hang them on my real tree! :)

 Creating Christmas at The Girl Creative


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