Monday, December 19, 2011

O' Christmas Tree

Two weeks ago Tyler and I got my Christmas tree! HOORAY! I always complain about how small my studio apartment is, but I refuse to believe that means I can't have a Christmas tree! Last year I had a full sized one, but this year I opted for something a smidge smaller.

We found our little guy almost as soon as we stepped foot onto the lot, he was perfect! We decided to name him Dominic because he's so short. HAHA!

My manly man Tyler set up the tree for me. The neighbor's dog Daisy peeked out to see what the heck was going on!

We found the perfect spot next to the fireplace (fortunately for my fire-paranoid brain, it's fake!). Since Tyler did all the heavy work, I got to do most of the decorating. My mom used to put 1800-3200 lights on our tree each year. I think I put 600. I feel like a failure. Way to set the bar high, Mom!

I let Tyler top the tree with the star when we were finished being that he's the "man of the house" or something (he doesn't even live with me!), and this is how he tops it! Crooked!!! Leave it to the woman to get the job done right! HAHA! Jk Tyler, you know I love you!

It was beautiful when we finished! Unfortunately the only shot we got together was through the reflection of an ornament, oh well! We have a little more time to get pictures together in front of the tree. When we were all finished we ate In-N-Out, drank hot chocolate and watched the Modern Family & Happy Endings Christmas episodes. Ahhhh, what a perfect night!!

I can officially tick this off of my 12 by 2012 list! ;)


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