Friday, December 2, 2011

Introducing... Knit Together Friday!

Sometimes I feel like I should make a separate blog for Knit Together By Love because it's really been on my heart so much these days! The whole purpose of KTBL is to show God's love in little ways to people who might need it. Recently my sister and I "tag teamed" on a KTBL project: I knit a scarf and she painted a portrait for the family in need (I'll be blogging about this next Friday!). It enriched the experience so much to have someone else share their different talent to help me help someone. Soooo....

I am excited to announce the beginning of Knit Together Friday starting next week! This is where we all blog about the little things we are doing to knit each other together in Christ's love. I feel like by working together as a community we can build each other up to do good things and encourage each other in the process.

You don't have to actually knit to be a part of Knit Together Friday, but you do have to use your own hobbies and/or talents to help people in little ways. The bottom line is to show people that you care about them and to spread God's love; through simple actions we can all be knit together by God's love and truly live out fulfilling lives as Christians.

For this link up I want you to link to one blog post showing something you did that week, big or small, to help someone in need or to show God's love. This can range from baking cookies for your neighbor to adopting a child! The ideas are limitless! Here are just a few: volunteer at your local homeless shelter, offer to babysit for a stressed out parent, send care packages to members of our military, write a letter of appreciation to a teacher or postal worker, collect canned food for people in need, etc, etc, etc! You can even choose to do something as simple as praying (which may prove to make a greater impact than any of the other things combined!). I promise if you pray for guidance you will find someone to serve!

I have chosen Friday and will leave the link up open all weekend to give you all week to find something good to do and all weekend to blog about it.

Here are the basic rules of the Knit Together Friday:
  1. Blog about something you did this week to help someone in need, big or small!
  2. Link up your blog post, not your blog.
  3. Link back to this blog with a link or the button below.
  4. Visit each others posts and leave comments! Build each other up!!
You don't have to follow this blog, but I would love it if you would!
Also, while it's easy to use this to promote yourself and your blog, please try to stay focused on the person you're helping. That's really what it's all about!

So you have a week - start doing good! Go and be the hands & feet of Jesus! :)

Knit Together Friday



  1. oh i love the idea of this series! thanks for sharing it. and i'm a new follower!


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