Thursday, December 1, 2011

112 in 2012

Today I read such an inspiring post by Robyn at Minimalist Knitter. First of all, I absolutely love her blog and feel a special affinity to her since we both knit with a purpose! For 2012 Robyn has committed to knitting 112 hats for charity over the course of the year! Isn't that amazing?!

She's also challenging the rest of us to commit to doing 10 things per month, totaling 112 things in a year, based on our own talents!

From Robyn's post:
"You don't have to make hats - make squares, socks, mittens or whatever else you want. Sew pillowcase dresses, or whip out a bunch of tag blankets. Put together personal hygiene packs for the local shelter in your area, or donate safe birthing packs to rural clinics. Bake 112 batches of cookies and love bomb your entire neighborhood - the possibilities are endless - and the point is simply to give to others!"

What an amazing idea! I am definitely going to link up and commit to knitting 112 things for people in need! When I don't have a particular person to knit for I will knit hats for charity like Robyn is doing. I encourage everyone to link up and commit to this challenge! Even if you only do 5 things per month, it will still be more than 0!

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Robyn's challenge comes at a great time because tomorrow I'll be talking more about my Knit Together By Love link up idea! If you participate in 112 Things in 2012 you'll definitely be interested in the weekly link up I'm starting!

By the way, if you haven't already read about all of the great things Robyn has been doing with her knitting (like her 100 Hats in 1 Year project & 10k project) you definitely should!


  1. this is an awesome idea! i want to link it up with bakin it to the streets! thanks for the info.


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