Monday, November 7, 2011

Little Sister

I was raised in a family of 5 kids; I'm the oldest. However, the year I graduated high school my dad and his (shady) girlfriend at the time had a baby: my sister Morgan. That same year my dad moved his new family along with 2 of my brothers to Fresno, California (250 miles away). It was rough on our tightly knit sibling group to be split apart by distance. Mix in parental pettiness and you can imagine it wasn't a good year. About two years later we found that Morgan's mom had problems that didn't permit her to be a mother and my dad was left to raise a baby girl as a single parent.

It's been almost ten years since my sister was born and I think my dad is doing almost the best he can to raise her, so I give him credit. However, she is a struggling child with a less than ideal family system. She's never had the consistent mother's love that she's needed and when she does get a mother's touch it tends to be temporary. I have tried to guide her the best I can and be the maternal influence she needs while maintaining boundaries as a sister, but it's hard with the geographic distance between us. Lately she's been instigating problems more than usual. She has a good heart but I think she only gets attention when she's being punished so naturally she's acting out.

So I had a great idea! I began hand writing my littlest sister letters like we're pen pals. I sent her a book of postage stamps and a cute blank note card set with a pen and stickers. Yesterday I got my first letter from her and you can only imagine how big the smile was on my face when I saw it in my mailbox!

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The first line of her letter reads, "I have been making some bad choices." I find this both sad and adorable at the same time (is that weird?). It made me feel even more that she knows what she's doing wrong and she does it for a reason. It's my hope that through our letter writing I can help her build the self esteem she needs to press on as a good girl and make good choices. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada now with my dad and his new wife (about the same distance from me as Fresno). She must feel so alone and I hope I can help her feel like she's got someone in her corner. I feel blessed that I had a group of siblings surrounding me as a kid who both terrorized me and gave me safety.

If you have a spare minute, can you please say a prayer for my sister, Morgan? I truly hope that one day her story will be a testimony of God's faithfulness and enduring love instead of just another sad story about a girl with a rocky childhood.

Thank you! <3


  1. I love this post and what you're doing for your little sister. You have such a kind heart.

  2. Praying for her and for God's hand of direction in your steps with her!

  3. Thank you both so so much!! I can't wait to keep reporting on how she is doing! <3


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