Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Love My Friends

I am ever so thankful for my friends.

I have amazing friends from all areas of my life. I have my best-best-friends, my high school friends, my music friends, my college friends, my Disney friends, my online friends, my work friends, my Fresno friends, and probably more. I am so lucky that I know I can rely on at least one person from each group for anything.

But I'm going to be honest here: sometimes it's exhausting to be a good friend. I know I'm not the best friend all the time. I get busy and forget to invest the time to nurture the friendships I have. I have acknowledged recently that I've been too tired to be the best friend I can be. Sure, I can blame it on depression, but I refuse to let depression disintegrate my friendships. I'm stronger than that, I refuse to believe anything less.

On the other side of the coin: friendships take teamwork and sometimes it's hard when you're putting in all the work. I have gotten so frustrated with some of my best friends because I'm trying to be a friend and they are too busy or flaky for me; I've practically given up on trying to be involved in their lives when it's painfully clear that I am not as important to my friend as they are to me.

In both situations: I know we would show up for the big things, but what about the little things?

Maybe it's because November is a month to be thankful for what we've got, but I'm trying to let those miniscule things go and just love the friends I have for who they are. I'm letting go of my pride and focusing on nurturing my seasonally weak friendships as best I can.

Sunday I am hosting a "Thankful For Friends" party with a handful of my nearest and dearest friends and I look forward to the good things that will come from the time invested in my most special friendships!


  1. dude, look at all your friends. i would be tired too... ha!

  2. So glad you linked up! Such a fun post! Friends are my rock! :)

  3. Hi Danielle! I am popping over from the anderson crew where I read about the scarf you knitted for Emily! WOW! I am so moved by your act of love and just wanted to say YOU ROCK!! And GOD BLESS YOU! I plan to email you later today because I would love to offer you a free sponsorship spot on my blog to bring more attention to your knitting ministry (if you're interested)! ~Bri~


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