Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Getting Unstuck

You know those dreams where you try to run but your legs are weighted to the ground making it impossible to flee or make any progress? I feel like that's kind of my life right now. I have all of these great ideas and ambitions, but I feel stuck. It's impossible to motivate myself to get physically fit, do simple crafts, etc. I'm not talking about depression, because that's a different kind of stuck than I'm trying to articulate (or maybe depression is part of it, because that is a life-long battle I know I deal with); but more a stuck because this is a transitional season of life that I am really not enjoying. I'm in that unmarried-female-living-in-a-cramped-studio-and-too-unorganized-in-my-home-to-be-organized-in-my-brain season... and it sucks! I know I need to be patient and I know I need to enjoy this season because once it's gone it is gone!

In part, this is why I started this blog: to sift away at the disorder and focus on the important things in life. I hope that it will give me the motivation to do the things I've been putting off and inspire me to do things I haven't even thought of! I really hope that I will be able to cultivate some great friendships throughout the journey and I am excited to move forward and get unstuck!


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