Monday, November 7, 2011

Camera Buying - Need Advice!

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet my camera, Little Fighter (yes, he's named!):

Photobucket Photobucket

In the words of Matthew Morrison (yes, that Matthew Morrison aka Mr. Schue on Glee): "That camera's been through hell!"

Indeed, Mr. Schue, it has! I can't even remember when I bought this camera but I think it was 2006. To give an indication, it's a PowerShot SD750 and I know SD1400s now exist. To his credit, I drove to 3 Target stores before I found Little Fighter because back then this model was sold out all over. It has been a good, loyal camera-friend, even after I dropped it on its face mid-photo-snap and busted the lens cover on Halloween 2007 (Gasp, right?!). But it's time to grow up and get a new camera.

Technology has vastly improved since I bought Little Fighter and I am so not camera educated. Clearly DSLRs are the big thing right now and I kind of feel like it would be stupid to not get one. But (as you can see from my pictures above), I'm a throw-it-in-your-purse-so-you-can-whip-it-out-at-a-moments-notice kind of picture taker. Obviously since The Great Camera Debacle of Halloween 2007 I permanently affix my safety strap to myself and when Little Fighter was new it was in the most protective case you could imagine. So I'm not a total camera moron.

With Black Friday quickly approaching and myself being a borderline Black Friday Maniac, this is prime time for camera buying! Ideally my camera budget is $350 (because it's Black Friday). This may be wishful thinking with DSLRs but you never know what kind of insane deals Best Buy & Target might throw my way come November 25. I don't really know how to stay within budgets anyway, so it's almost as if anything goes under $600 (because I can buy a reasonable DSLR right this second on Amazon for that price).

Here's where you come in: anybody have any advice?! My main use would be personal (family, blog, vacations, etc) and I would want something that will maintain quality for a long time (so long as I don't drop it!).

Right now I've been leaning toward the Canon Digital Rebel line or Canon EOS Rebel line but I've also looked at Nikon's D3100. As far as simple point & shoots go, the Canon PowerShot S95 has caught my eye. I'm not against getting both: a DSLR for myself & a cheapie-ish point & shoot from my mom since she wants to know what I want for Christmas around $200. I am so confused & need more Black Friday ads to leak (Target, I'm talking to you!)!!

Thanks for your help,

11/25 UPDATE: After studying cameras in my price point & scouring the Black Friday Ads, I got the Canon Rebel T3 for $449 with kit lens, a free camera bag & 8GB memory card on Amazon on Black Friday! WOO HOO!! I couldn't be happier!!


  1. First of all, thanks so much for stopping by! Glad you did!
    Second, have you heard of the Canon loyalty program?I had that exact camera and dropped it! You can send it in to Canon and they will credit you the full amount to put torward another Canon camera! So we used the credit to put torwards a Canon Rebel XS and I LOVE it so far.

    Best of luck with the hunt!


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