Thursday, November 10, 2011

12 By 2012

A few weeks ago I saw a blog participating in a challenge called "12 By 2012" and I was intrigued. You see, I am a Procrastination Queen. So much so that I procrastinated making a list of 12 goals. Seriously. I started one, left it on my desk at work and filled in a few more spaces but ultimately forgot about it. Here's that list:

As you can see it, it's unfinished. Maybe "Finishing my 12 By 2012 list" should be at the top of the list itself! Not really.

I was reminded of the 12 By 2012 campaign when I saw it on yet another blog and it got me motivated once again. So I finished the list and I am going to do this challenge and succeed!! My list is below and I will be posting about each goal and crossing them off my list as I accomplish them. Wish me luck! :)

Danielle's Twelve by 2012
  1. Collect all of my Knit Together By Love photos & post on this blog. here.
  2. Get a gym membership. And use it.
  3. Host a game night at my house with friends. here.
  4. Buy a new camera. read update here.
  5. Visit my little sis, Morgan. here.
  6. Make a 2012 "Captain's Log"(I bet you're so curious/confused right now!).
  7. Knit at least 3 special projects for Knit Together By Love. here.
  8. Christmas baking with a friend. here. here.
  9. Actually make a minimum of 3 crafts I've pinned on Pinterest. here. here. here.
  10. Do a tutorial on my blog. here. here. here. here. here.
  11. Decorate my house for Christmas before mid-December. here. here.
  12. Find a new home for my unused elliptical. Preferably for $$.

Cheers to knocking these down one by one!


  1. This is such a good idea!! I may have to follow suit! How fun! Thanks for the comments over on my blog and for entering my giveaway! :) My fingers are crossed for you. :)

    Digger ~xoxo~

  2. Good luck! I'm pretty good at procrastinating about my goals so I started working on them each Wednesday. It's helped so far! ;]

  3. Thank you for the support and comments on my blog. I looked for an email so I could thank you personally, but couldn't find one listed anywhere so this will have to do. I would be sooo grateful and honored if you would post a link to my blog. I can't even express enough how happy that would make me! Truly, I feel blessed to have 'met' you! :)

    Digger ~xoxo~

  4. I love this 12 by 2012 idea! Good luck on accomplishing them all! You can do it!


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