Friday, October 14, 2011


The easiest part about blogging regularly for me is that I have an office job that allows me enough freedom to post something during my down time each day. So it fits the irony of my life that, right as I try to begin writing consistent blog posts, I'm going on vacation which makes it not so convenient to update! Thank goodness for modern technology and the Blogger app for iPhone! My plan is to do a post a day with a photo of the day's happenings. And happenings are going to be happening! *wow that was cheesy!*

This weekend I am picking up my indescribably amazing 3 year old niece from Fresno (yes, I'm biased but she is my favorite person alive, tied only with her 1 year old brother!). We will then embark on our first (hopefully annual) Auntie-Niecey Vacay (Clearly, I'll need a new name for it). We'll be hanging with family, going to Disneyland and seeing World of Color at Disney's California Adventure! I am ecstatic!!

On Wednesday, my boyfriend Tyler and I will drop off my niece in Fresno and then head out for our First (Dating) Anniversary Road Trip! We are driving to San Francisco for a few days, spending Friday night in San Jose with my best friend who just moved there, and then spending Saturday in Monterey. Sunday we will take the beautiful coastal drive back down home to southern California. As much as I appreciate and value my job, I CANNOT WAIT TO BLOW THIS TACO STAND IN 137 MINUTES! ;)

As I said, I'll try to post a picture a day with a blip of how much fun I'm having!! And to start, I will not be missing this phone:

Stay tuned,


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