Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sick Little One

It's been a crazy day!!! My niece Berkeley and I drove from Fresno to Orange County this morning. Let me tell you, driving for 4 hours with a talkative 3-year old is like driving 14 hours alone!! So exhausting!

When we got to my mom's house we went to lunch and then to visit my step-dad and brother at work. Then Berkeley and I picked up my boyfriend Tyler and went to his parents house for dinner so they could meet Berkeley. They loved her and she had a blast!!

Every so often Berkeley would complain about her ear hurting though and by the end of the night her complaints were screams! I called her mom who advised me to give her childrens pain reliever and see how she feels in the morning. Right now Berkeley is asleep and I am praying hard that she feels better in the morning and that her meltdown was just NO nap + elevation change!! Fingers are crossed and prayers are said!!

Hopefully more fun and less sick tomorrow,

Berkeley & Tyler found Berkeley street!


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