Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Wednesday (10/19) Tyler and I dropped Berkeley off in Fresno and meant to continue our journey north to San Francisco. We had alotted 3 days and 2 nights in SF but realized as we were leaving Fresno that we could instead fit in one more major city if we chose to drive into SF the next day. Our first choice was to go to Yosemite (1-2 hours northeast of Fresno) but we were a little bit nervous about not being able to find a reasonable hotel up there + Yosemite would probably require more time than we had (it was already after 5pm). So after shuffling around less-than-inspiring cities between Fresno and SF, we finally decided to detour slightly and visit our state capitol: Sacramento!

We headed north and I decided our travels needed a little adventure so we checked into a Motel 6 to sleep for the night (Road trips are meant for cheapie-but-clean digs, right?). It was a very poor choice! To their credit, it was a little bit of a run down area, but nonetheless, our non-smoking room REEKED of cigarette smoke (I could hardly breathe!)

Tyler took this funny shot of the non-smoking sign + ashtray in our room!

In the morning we checked out as quickly as we could and headed to the State Capitol Building. I'm not very well-versed in politics, but still the Capitol was an incredible sight! Very impressive and moving!

And the inside was even better!! I seriously want to live here! I would even allow tourists to still walk through if they let me move in! ;)

After perusing the Capitol, Tyler wanted to take me to Old Town Sacramento. Upon arriving I immediately recognized it from the times I would come with my cousins Jennifer & Kennith when we were younger to visit their dad's relatives which made me happily nostalgic! Also, I am such a sucker for gift shops (it's a sick passion, I tell ya!) so I was in heaven here, especially with the old fashioned candy shops! We walked around by the river (Sacramento River? Oh wow, if I'm wrong I will feel like the worst story telling tourist alive!) and saw some neat boats (even a pirate ship!). The coolest thing was to watch the bridge move to allow boats to pass beneath it. Is this supposed to be interesting or has living in Orange County my whole life robbed me of this being normal? :)


Our trip to Sacramento was very quick (we weren't even there long enough to visit my close friend Taylore! So sad!!) but it was definitely a smart place to stop by and visit! It made our trip extra memorable and inspired me to name the road trip "Tour of California" haha! I hope to come back very soon to see Taylore, visit more sites and refill my candy bag!

Next stop: San Francisco!


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