Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween at Disneyland

Happy Halloween!
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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and although I didn't dress up this year (shame on me, right?!), I did get to celebrate at Disneyland in Anaheim, Ca this year!


On Sunday, my friend Frances and I ventured over to Disneyland to ride the two attractions that get revamped for Halloween: Haunted Mansion Holiday & Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy. Of course, Disneyland never stops short of making the holidays larger than life...

Disney character jack-o-lanterns at the entrance to Disneyland:
Photobucket Photobucket

The park was packed with people who, like us, were utilizing their last chance to take in the wonder of Disney at Halloween Time! Of course, we were not surprised that the lines were 60+minutes for all the best rides. We got a FastPass for Space Mountain and rode some other rides, including the recently redone Star Tours: The Adventure Continues. We ate lunch and finally decided to wait in the long, long, looong line for Haunted Mansion Holiday. As our luck would have it, a lady approached us and gave us 2 FastPasses she didn't need and we got to pass the line instead of wait! What a great surprise!

For Haunted Mansion Holiday, Disney transforms the Haunted Mansion into a Halloween+Christmas Wonderland based on Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. I didn't grow up watching Nightmare Before Christmas like most of my friends did, but I still absolutely love the Haunted Mansion Holiday attraction! It was especially neat to see this attraction because the day before I had seen a Tim Burton art exhibit (which I will post about tomorrow!), so I kind of felt like I was seeing this ride through a new lens.

The front & side view of the building (notice that LONG line we didn't have to wait in!)
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

My non-flash interior shots were with my phone so most of them didn't come out. Here are some semi-decent pictures:
Photobucket Photobucket

After Haunted Mansion Holiday we ran over to Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy.

It just so happened that an old friend of mine was operating the ride and let us ride it twice! It was so much fun! Definitely not traditional Disney; much, much scarier! Riders fly through space while projections of eerie red ghosts chase them throughout the ride. Last year I got to ride it for the first time and it was much scarier than I anticipated, but not too scary to ride again and again, especially for Halloween!

Frances and I had a great day at Disneyland celebrating Halloween and I am tempted to dash over there after work to ride their Halloween attractions again! Maybe next year I will try their specially ticketed Halloween Time event for even more Disney Halloween fun!

I wish everyone a safe, fun, and candy filled Halloween!!


  1. Very cool! Wish I could've been there! Looks like so much fun. btw: we have the same layout! Love it! I followed! Would love it if you passed by my blog & followed back. Can't wait to read thru ur other posts! :)


  2. Hi Reyna! Thanks for commenting and following me! I followed you back and your blog looks awesome! Great minds think alike on our layout!! YAY! :) Talk to you soon! xo

  3. Such beautiful photos my dear...Disneyland isn't really as easy to shoot as some would think...

    I found you blog on one of my all time favorite blogs...Changing Lanes...ironically I also live in Orange County!

    Keep up the good work, your blog is a delight!

  4. Hi Tamera! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments!! You are too kind! Small world that we're so close!! I look forward to reading your blog! <3 thanks again! xo


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